Open Working


This page is dedicated to our Data Champions who provide local expertise and promote good research data management (RDM) within their departments and faculties at TU Delft. ‘Can I really read your emotions if I look deep into your eyes’ – Joost de Winter explains the importance of replication research in the field of ‘Cognitive..

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Open Science Barcamp Berlin 2019

Authors: Esther Plomp, Nicolas Dintzer, Heather Andrews, Yan Wang On the March the 18th, the Data Stewards of Applied Sciences – Esther Plomp, Technology Policy and Management – Nicolas Dintzer, Architecture and The Built Environment – Yan Wang, and Aerospace Engineering – Heather Andrews, attended their first Open Science Barcamp at the Wikimedia in Berlin…

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Using Jupyter to study Earth

This blog is originally written and posted by Susan Branchett here under a CC-BY-4.0 international license. How TU Delft’s ICT-Innovation department is providing hands-on help to researchers in order to understand their IT requirements better. How did it come about? Earlier this year I was reading through the ‘TU Delft Strategic Framework 2018-2024’ and buried deep within its..

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