Nearly a month ago the final conference of the LEARN-project (LEaders Activating Research Networks) took place in London City, in the Senate House Library to be precise.

Presenting the LERU (League of European Research Universities) Research Data Roadmap and Toolkit, and the conclusion of the 2 year project was to be celebtrated.

The ‘LEARN Toolkit of Best Practice for Research Data Management‘ contains 23 case studies of European educational institutions covering

  • Policy and Leadership
  • Advocacy
  • Subject Approaches
  • Open Data
  • Research Data Infrastructure
  • Costs
  • Roles, Responsibilities & Skills
  • Tool Development

Case Study 8 was penned by Alastair Dunning, introducing the advocacy approach here at TU Delft. That includes a roadshow concept, insights on financial incentives, and how to work together and interact with ICT and research projects. Have a look at page 43 if you want to know about the initial steps of the data stewardship programme, that kicked off now.

Here can you find the summary and further reading on the events and talks of the final conference in London.

Lastly some questions or topic that I found noteworthy as well:

  • Open Data: What is possible quality control for research data? What if there is a comment function or peer review feature in the repository?
  • Costing for RDM services and infrastructure can’t be fixed, it should be a transitional state that can be adjusted and scaled.
  • Early career researcher are an important focus and stake holder group to train and advice, next to senior researcher. Students and PhD might leave the university and take the knowledge away with them.
  • There is a need for a new form of information literacy needed, to handle the information deluge and also be able to evaluate data of other researcher.