The year 2017 closes in and it was a busy one for the DMP (data management plan) support. The funding bodies NWO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk) and European Commission tightened their demands on research data management during the research and the discoverability and accessibility for the research outcome. Since that caesura the interaction with the researcher receiving grants from these funding bodies steadily increases. Next to other research support services, such as the valorisation centre, pointing researcher with a help request to our services, the RDS (research data services) team proactively contacts researcher to offer advice.

The first step is an introductory talk about the researchers project, their data and research data management. The following topic explains the provided ICT solutions available at TU Delft, because it still appears that researcher are not aware of the full spectrum of available technical infrastructure. Subsequently the DMP section about how to handle research data during the research is discussed. The last part considers preservation, archiving and data availability after the research, where the 4TU.Centre for Research Data is introduced and the benefits explained. Additionally the use of the 4TU.Reserach Data instance of DataVerseNL is described. With this wholesome range of support services, a possible data management and data deposit workflow is discussed.


For NWO the first deadline for a DMP draft is 4 months after the project officially started, for the H2020 programme by the European Commission it is 6 months. The RDS team also offers to give feedback on the DMP between that first deadline and the final submission.


The ideal involvement of the RDS team from start to finish begins with giving feedback on the data section in the proposal stage. When the project has received funding, the researcher comes back to the RDS team, or the team contacts the researcher again to offer support. Besides helping with filling in the DMP, the RDS teams offers training for the project team and the department, if the researcher is sympathetic towards that. With the data-doi reservation service of the 4TU.Centre of Research Data, the researcher are encouraged to already deposit the scientific publication underlying data into the archive. With the collection creation feature, the researcher are offered a great opportunity to represent their research output in the most suitable way and not wait till the end of the project to ‘dump’ some data into the archive to comply to the open data demand by the funding body.

All this is introduced and explained to the researcher in the first session and can lead to a close collaboration throughout the project duration, if the researcher is in favour of that.

So far we supported 20x research projects by NWO and 3x H2020 (open data pilot) with their DMP drafting and first submission. We did not receive any feedback by the funders about the quality of our DMP support yet. However, the researcher at TU Delft appreciate our advice and help.