Questions from the European Open Science Cloud Stakeholder Forum

Notes from Day 1

1. It’s still not clear to me what the EOSC is. At times it seems to be trying to solve all problems to research data, from collection to long-term curation, without being aware that much work is already being done in the area. To the project’s credit, the problem was immediately acknowledged but quick solutions will be hard to come by.

(Roof, Brussels Central Station)

2. Is it supporting big data infrastructures, for research on photon-neutrons or earthquakes? Helping them with their technical challenges related to data transfer, interoperability, analysis?

3. Is it an exclusive club? Meant for certain projects that receive European funding are are then part of EOSC? Or is it rather a badge, that any research organisation with an infrastructure can wear? Or something inbetween that allows disparate organisations and infrastructures to bind together via common standards.

4. Is it about training? The legendary 500,000 Data Stewards required for the research data of the future? If so, how will this training be done?

5. Is it about metadata? And creating interoperable metadata and data models that satisfy the FAIR principles? And doing the legwork involved in convincing the 90% of researchers who have never heard of the FAIR principles?

6. Most of all, how does it interact with local and national organisations that are doing these things already? Is it providing alternatives that work at European level, or trying to work with existing repositories, research infrastructures, libraries etc.