February 2018 was the 13th iDCC conference in Barcelona, Spain.
The conference is also accompanied by workshops, on the day before and the day after the conference.

On the day before the conference, Ellen Verbakel presented the Data  Stewardship at TU Delft in the workshop: EOSC as a ‘skills commons’ for developing research data stewardship skills at scale. You can find the presentation on Zenodo. The presentation of Ellen Verbakel was a brief history of how TU Delft developed to more and more Open Science and how the Data Stewards at the faculties fit in that development.  After the workshop, Ellen was interviewed and you can find the interview with a short outline of the presentation on YouTube.

The poster on Building a Research Data Management Training Community was designed together with Rosie Higman – University of Manchester, Lauren Cadwallader – University of Cambridge, and Hardy Schwamm – Lancaster University. Also, the audience liked the thoughts behind the poster: the poster was awarded the 3rd prize!