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We talked with Dr. Riccardo Riva, an assistant professor at the TU Delft Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences who has published several datasets via the 4TU.Centre for Research Data. We spoke about his recent paper in the open access journal The Cryosphere on the surprising effects of melting glaciers and ice sheets on the solid Earth though the last century and how this affects reconstructions of past sea level from sparse observations.

The data underlying Riva’s paper were made publicly available through the 4TU.Centre for Research Data. Riva believes that sharing data “helps progress in science” and that “if you get public money to do research, then the results should be public”.

“When data are open, then anybody can use it. There will be some competition, but that’s only good. Competition leads to new ideas, which in turn lead to even more ideas and to progress in science.”

The 4TU.Centre for Research Data, hosted by the TU Delft Library, offers researchers a reliable long-term archive for technical and scientific research data. It creates opportunities for linking publications to underlying data thereby promoting improved findability and citability for research data. Over 90% of the data stored in the archive are environmental research data coded in netCDF – a data format and data model that, although generic, is mostly used in climate, ocean and atmospheric sciences. Therefore, 4TU.ResearchData has a special interest in this area and offers specific services and tools to enhance the access to and the use of netCDF datasets. TU Delft Library also offers Research Data Management Support during all stages of the research lifecycle.