In 2017, the Research Data Services team at TU Delft (and host of the 4TU.Centre for Research Data) is experimenting with open working.

This means quickly publishing ideas, documents, updates on all kinds of work that the team is undertaking.

Why are we doing this?

  • speed – rapid communication of our ongoing work ideas to the outside world
  • transparency and openness (‘We’ve said we are going to do this. And now we have!’)
  • continuity of ideas (‘How did we get here? Ah, I see, here are the plans from six months ago’)
  • ease of communication (URLs can be shared with others inside and outside TU Delft)
  • searchability – it’s easier to search, via Google, for documents that are already published
  • good project management – with the right tags and categories, we can sort through the documents related to different tasks in our annual plan
  • evidence – we can back up decisions we make with the evidence gathered along the way
  • serendipity – others may find work we are doing useful in ways we do not expect
  • corporate memory – new members of staff should find it easier to see what is going on
  • responsibility – it encourages all staff to take the lead in publishing details on their own work
  • collaboration – it encourages staff to work together and see what they are doing

We will review how we are doing against these different factors in the middle, and at the end of the year

It’s using the WordPress hosting environment, but it’s not meant as a blog. Official news and advice will still be published on the 4TU.Centre for Research Data website and the TU Delft Library website.

In particular, we hope to use the site to mark progress on our 2017 work plan (link to plan to follow}. By using specific tags for each task within the work plan (eg #task1.3 #task2.4), we will get a record of all the relevant work done over the year