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Adding Value and Facilitating Data Reuse: the Case of the 4TU.Centre for Research Data

Today we are presenting at the PV2018 conference in Harwell, UK. [googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vRAGKkauZhJVXZglK_F72rd5-9IDNnt-6WjFIpf_ERqOe8fOE88M25dwTeMtqchB8P8GUW8g32g4E8g/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”960″ height=”569″ /]   This presentation can be downloaded from Zenodo. The paper for the conference proceedings is available on OSF Preprints. Title: Adding Value and Facilitating Data Reuse: the Case of the 4TU.Centre for Research Data Authors: Maria J. Cruz,  Egbert Gramsbergen..

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Updates to 4TU.ResearchData archive

  These are the most important updates: Django has been updated from version 1.11.10 to version 12.12 The new status “published” for submitted datasets has been introduced. This status will be applied to datasets that are published and findable. The status “accepted” which was formerly used for published datasets, will be applied to datasets that..

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Visit to NIOZ-Yerseke on 11 April 2018

We delivered a short presentation about the 4TU.Centre for Research Data and discussed netCDF data. The presentation can be downloaded from Zenodo. [googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vQ70nNLKxl4A5AHvf0-9E6CphJJTX-1oRx4FV63vbENSyEmIT854bAFi9y-bG85oBLjFMgvMzpaJrTc/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”960″ height=”569″ /]

Research Data Management within the 4TU Research Centres

The 4TU.Centre for Research Data announces its report on research data management within the 4TU Research Centres. The Report Over the last few months, the 4TU.Centre for Research Data had the chance to make contact and to speak with several of the Scientific Directors of the 4TU Research Centres about research data management. The report..

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