ICT and the Library are jointly running a session on Software as Research Output at TU Delft.

The session will run from 12:15 to approximately 13:30 on Tuesday 27 June. A light lunch is included. It will take place in the Blue Room, TU Delft Library.

ICT recently conducted some research on the issues related to open source software at TU Delft – sustainability, career recognition, training, archiving, open source vs closed source, licencing and copyright.

The idea is to continue the dialogue, focusing on the topics and actions that are considered to be the most important and areas that could be collaboratively worked on further.

In this session we’ll be exploring: Software as research output – challenges and opportunities.

The session is open, so feel free to share the invitation with your colleagues. If you want come please email Julie Beardsell (J.A.Beardsell *AT* tudelft.nl)

Best wishes,

Julie Beardsell
Karin Clavel
Alastair Dunning